Recent Achievements

Extreme Dance Comp 2014 Troupe Results!

  • 8yrs Stage Jazz- Highly Commended
  • 10yrs Stage Hop Hop- 1st
  • 10yrs Stage Musical Theatre- 2nd
  • 10yrs Stage Modern- Highly Commended
  • 12yrs Stage Hip Hop- 3rd
  • 12yrs Stage Tap- 3rd
  • 12yrs Stage Musical Theatre- Highly Commended
  • 14yrs Stage Hip Hop- 1st
  • 14yrs Stage Musical Theatre- 3rd
  • 14yrs Stage Tap- 3rd
  • 14yrs Stage Contemporary- Highly Commended
  • 16yrs Stage  Jazz- Highly Commended
  • 16yrs Stage Hip Hop- 2nd
  • 16yrs Stage Musical Theatre- 2nd
  • Open Musical Theatre- 2nd
  • Open Hip Hop- 3rd
  • Open Jazz- Highly Commended


Congratulations to Josh Mastrioanni who just filmed a role in Flume's new music video- very cool Josh!!!

AASCF National Title Results

  • Tinies Team - 1st Pom
  • Tinies Team - 1st Dance
  • Tinies Team - 1st Cheer
  • 16yrs Team - 2nd Lyrical
  • 16yrs Team - 2nd Hip Hop
  • 16yrs Team - 3rd Pom
  • 14yrs Team - 4th Lyrical
  • 14yrs Team - 5th Hip Hop

AASCF State Titles Results

  • Open Age Team - 1st Lyrical
  • Open Age Team - 1st Contemporary
  • Open Age Team - 2nd Pom
  • Open Age Team - 3rd Cheer
  • Open Age Team - 3rd Jazz
  • Open Age Team - 3rd Hip Hop
  • 16yrs Team - 1st Cheer
  • 16yrs Team - 2nd Jazz
  • 16yrs Team - 3rd Hip Hop
  • 16yrs Team - 4th Lyrical
  • Tinies Team - 1st Pom
  • Tinies Team -1st Dance
  • Tinies Team -2nd Cheer


Exciting news! Miss Amanda has just finished filming the music video for Ciaran Gribbin's song 'My Killer My King' as the lead dancer (choreographed by Miss Vicki, and hair & make-up by Miss Laura & Tash).

2013 Ultimate Troupes Challenge

  • 8yrs Jazz- 3rd
  • 10yrs Modern- 2nd
  • 10yrs Hip Hop- 1st
  • 10yrs Jazz- HC
  • 12yrs Hip Hop- 2nd
  • 12yrs Cont- 3rd


  • 8yrs Jazz- 3rd
  • 10yrs Jazz- 1st
  • 10yrs Hip Hop- 2nd
  • 12yrs Cont- HC
  • 12yrs Jazz- 3rd
  • 12yrs Hip Hop- 3rd
  • 12yrs Musical Theatre- 2nd
  • 14yrs Jazz- 2nd
  • 14yrs Hip Hop- 1st
  • 14yrs Tap- 3rd
  • 14yrs Musical Theatre- 2nd
  • 16yrs Jazz- HC
  • 16yrs Hip Hop- 1st
  • 16yrs Lyrical- 1st
  • 16yrs Musical Theatre- HC
  • Open Jazz- 3rd
  • Open Musical Theatre- 2nd
  • Open Tap- 3rd
  • Open Hip Hop- 2nd

2012 Extreme Eisteddfod Results

  • 8yrs Jazz- 2nd Place
  • 10yrs Modern- 2nd Place
  • 12yrs Hip Hop- Highly Commended
  • 14yrs Jazz- 1st Place
  • 14yrs Hip Hop- 2nd Place
  • 14yrs Lyrical- Highly Commended
  • 14yrs Tap- 3rd Place
  • 14yrs Musical Theatre- 3rd Place
  • 16yrs Hip Hop- 1st Place
  • 16yrs Jazz- 2nd Place
  • 16yrs Lyrical- Highly Commended
  • Open Hip Hop- 1st Place
  • Open Musical Theatre- 1st Place
  • Open Tap- 2nd Place
  • Open Jazz- Highly Commended
  • Lydia Virgo- 3rd 10yrs Jazz
  • Sienna & Abby- 2nd 10yrs Jazz Duo
  • Bethany Trewartha- HC 13yrs Jazz, 3rd 14yrs Modern Championship
  • James Maras- 1st 14yrs Jazz, 1st 14yrs Contemporary
  • Chelsea McCarthy- HC 14yrs Jazz
  • Georgia Van Gils- 3rd 15yrs Jazz, 2nd Open Hip Hop, 1st 15yrs Cont, 1st Open Modern Championship, 2nd Open Jazz Championship
  • Laura Dickie- 1st Open Jazz, 1st Open Hip Hop, 2nd Open Lyrical, 1st Open Jazz Championship
  • Joel & Paris- 2nd 12yrs Modern Duo
  • Abby Donne- 2nd 9yrs Contemporary
  • Emma Henderson- 1st 15yrs Tap
  • Ellie Bowyer- 2nd 12yrs Song & Dance, 3rd 12yrs Modern Championship
  • Ellie Copping- 3rd 12yrs Song & Dance

Dance Scholarships

Congratulations to laura dickie & georgia van gils for receiving scholarships to australian dance festival in september!!!!

Dancelife Unite

  • 12yrs Contemporary- Highly Commended
  • Open Musical Theatre- Highly Commended
  • Congratulations to Emma Copping for making the Grand Final of the Warringah Mall Talent Quest- awesome job!! Great chorepgraphy Miss Erin


Congratulations to Jasmin Younger who scored the lead role of Jane Banks in 'Mary Poppins'. What an acheivement! We are all so excited for you Jazzy and can't wait to all come along and see you!

Congratulations to Laura Dickie & Koki Gunton who were awarded Global Dance Convention Scholarships (Laura advanced) Koki (intermediate)- what an honour to be chosen from the hundreds of people who attended!

2011 Dancelife Unite Eisteddfod

14yrs Stage Contemporary 3rd Place

2011 Northern Beaches Eisteddfod

Chelsea Trewartha- HC 10yrs Vocal

Please let me know your Northern Beaches Results everyone so I can proudly display them!!

Extreme Eisteddfod

  • Open Stage Lyrical 3rd Place
  • Open Stage Musical Theatre 2nd Place
  • Open Stage Jazz (small groups) 1st Place
  • Open Stage Hip Hop 2nd Place
  • 16yrs Stage Lyrical HC
  • 16yrs Stage Hip Hop 1st
  • 12yrs Stage Jazz 1st 
  • 12yrs Stage Jazz (small groups) 2nd
  • 12yrs Stage Hip Hop 2nd
  • 8yrs Stage Jazz 3rd
  • Laura Dickie- 1st Open Hip Hop, 1st 15yrs Jazz, 1st 15yrs Lyrical, 1st Open Hip Hop Duo
  • Georgia Van Gils- 1st 14yrs Cont, 1st 14yrs Hip Hop, 1st 14yrs Jazz Championship, 2nd 14yrs Jazz, 2nd 14yrs Cont
  • Ebony Morrison- 3rd 14yrs Lyrical, 3rd 14yrs Modern Championship
  • Chelsea McCarthy- 2nd 14yrs Hip Hop
  • James Maras- 1st 13yrs Jazz
  • Koki Gunton- HC 12yrs Jazz, 3rd 12yrs Jazz Championship
  • Laura Mesiti- 2nd 10yrs Jazz
  • Paris Younger- 3rd 8yrs Contemporary

City Of Sydney Eisteddfod

  • 14yrs Stage Jazz 2nd Place
  • Koki Gunton- HC 12yrs Jazz


Miss Vicki, Rodney & Rhys would like to announce the arrival of the little Plie Princess- Zoe Jennifer- born September 1, weighing 7 pound, 5 ounces and measuring 53cm long. All our family are thrilled at Zoe's arrival and would like to thank everyone for the beautiful gifts and well wishes we have received xxxx

'Fame' movie launch at Event Cinemas in George St Sydney

Apryl, Becky, Jordan, Amanda, Laura D, Laura M, Erin & Lucy danced at the opening night of the film- very exciting!!!

'Candy Man' starring Wayne Scott Kermond

16 of our talented singer/dancers were selected to perform in the professional production of 'Candy Man' at Star City Casino in May 2010!

We were then invited back to join Wayne at Glen St Theatre's 25th Birthday Celebrations in July.

'Sex & The City 2' movie launch

Sam, Becky, Apryl, Amanda & Jordan (otherwise known as Dance Station) performed at the opening night festivities of the 'Sex and The City 2' film launch. Lots of fun!!

Congratulations to:

Three of our very talented dancers who were chosen out of HUNDREDS of dancers to be awarded with Global Dance Convention Scholarships: Georgia Van Gils, Koki Gunton & Bethany Trewartha- we are SO proud of you!!! 

  • Bethany Trewartha & James Maras who were selected to be part of the elite State Dance Ensembles!
  • Georgia Van Gils and Elise Marnoch who were invited to perform the maypole at the National Trust
  • Erin Brown & Brianna Ovenden who performed recently with hip hop artist 'Chingy'

All our stage classes who helped us to win the Ann Salter Memorial Award at Dancelife Unite- for showing the best sportsmanship of the entire competition, What an honour!! And for winning the overall most successful school at the Ultimate Troupes Challenge- well done team Plie!

Laura Dickie who was chosen from hundreds of dancers at the Australian Dance Festival, by Jason Coleman to receive a scholarship to his summer school at the Ministry of Dance in Melbourne in January- well done Laura!

A huge congratulations to Jasmin Younger for winning the role of 'Jane' in the upcoming Sydney production of 'Mary Poppins'. We are so excited for you Jazzy!

Extreme Eisteddfod Results 2010

  • 1st Place: 14yrs Stage Jazz
  • 1st Place: 12yrs Stage Jazz A
  • 1st Place: 12yrs Stage Contemporary
  • 1st Place: 16yrs Stage Hip Hop (congratulations Erin on your first choreographic win!!)
  • 1s Place: Laura Dickie (14yrs Hip Hop Solo)
  • 1st Place: Laura Dickie (14yrs Lyrical Solo)
  • 1st Place: Georgia Van Gils (13yrs Jazz Solo)
  • 1st Place: Chelsea McCarthy (12yrs Jazz Solo)
  • 1st Place: Ebony Morrison (14yrs Contemporary Championship)
  • 1st Place: Georgia Van Gils & Ebony Morrison (14yrs Jazz Duo)
  • 1st Place: Laura Dickie, Erin Brown & Apryl Curtin (Open Hip Hop Trio)
  • 1st Place: Stephanie Brisby (14yrs Song & Dance Solo)
  • 1st Place: James Maras (12yrs Jazz Championship)
  • 2nd Place: Open Stage Musical Theatre
  • 2nd Place: 14yrs Stage Hip Hop A
  • 2nd Place: Koki Gunton (12yrs Hip Hop Solo)
  • 2nd Place: Koki Gunton (11yrs Jazz Solo)
  • 2nd Place: Bethany Trewartha (12yrs Jazz Championship)
  • 2nd Place: Jasmin Younger (14yrs Song & Dance Solo)
  • 3rd Place: 12yrs Stage Hip Hop
  • 3rd Place: 12yrs Stage Jazz B
  • 3rd Place: Open Hip Hop A
  • 3rd Place: Georgia Van Gils (13yrs Lyrical Solo)
  • 3rd Place: Chelsea Trewartha (8yrs Jazz Solo)
  • 3rd Place: James Maras (12yrs Jazz Solo)
  • HC: Open Stage Jazz
  • HC: 10yrs Stage Jazz
  • HC: 8yrs Stage Jazz
  • HC: Bethany Trewartha (11yrs Jazz Solo)

Ultimate Troupes Challenge 2010

  • 1st Place: Most Successful School Overall
  • 1st Place: Open Stage Hip Hop 
  • 1st Place: 14yrs Stage Hip Hop
  • 1st Place: 12yrs Stage Hip Hop
  • 1st Place: 10yrs Stage Hip Hop
  • 1st Place: 14yrs Stage Tap
  • 2nd Place: Open Stage Tap
  • 2nd Place: 12yrs Stage Contemporary
  • 3rd Place: Open Stage Musical Theatre
  • 3rd Place: 14yrs Stage Lyrical
  • 3rd Place: 14yrs Stage Jazz
  • 3rd Place: 8yrs Stage Jazz

Dancelife Unite 2010

  • 3rd: 12yrs Stage Contemporary
  • HC: 14yrs Stage Jazz
  • HC: Open Stage Tap

Northern Beaches Eisteddfod 2010

  • 1st Place: Bronte Jackson (11yrs Jazz Solo)
  • 2nd Place: Laura Dickie (14yrs Hip Hop Solo)
  • 2nd Place: Laura Dickie (14yrs Jazz Solo)
  • 3rd Place: Jasmin Younger (10yrs Jazz Solo)
  • 3rd Place: Koki Gunton (11yrs Jazz Solo)
  • HC: Bethany Trewartha (11yrs Jazz Solo)